Student Conduct and Transportation Schedules

Student Conduct and Transportation Rules

The mission of the School Express, Inc. is to provide safe and dependable transportation for students to and from school in a caring and timely manner; while providing cost effective transportation service to the districts we serve. Our team of drivers provides services that are an accumulation of efforts made by numerous people. To help everyone achieve the best possible service please review this information with your child and those involved with their care.
Students must be prepared and waiting to load the van five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled arrival time. Drivers only wait one (1) minute from their scheduled arrival time for students to load their van. Our driving team will do their best to stay on schedule; traffic patterns and weather vary daily, if your child’s transportation is delayed by 10 minutes or more, we will make every effort to contact you. *Parents/guardians must make arrangements in the event the student misses the van; do not ask to have drivers return, they are not able to do so. If your child is absent for the commute to school parents/guardians must contact our office if transport is required after school.
Drivers are not permitted to leave the perimeter of their vehicle or beep their horn, so student preparation is very important. One suggestion to better prepare for your child’s commute; is to place an alarm clock near the entryway; setting the alarm ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time. This alerts your child it is now time to prepare their personal items and be ready for the van’s arrival.
Parents/guardians are to escort their child to and from the van. Our team will make sure your child is secured in their seat belt and/or appropriate seating (boosters, car seats, etc.) if necessary.
Recommended seating requirements are as follow:

  • Students under the age of 13 must ride in a back seat, unless the parent/guardian has given prior written notice to the company that they do not want their child to ride in a back seat. A student who needs a booster seat or car seat is not permitted to ride in the front seat.
  • Children age three or older who weighs less than 40 pounds should ride in a five (5) point harness booster seat, unless the parent/guardian has given prior written notice to the company that they do not want their child to ride in a five (5) point harness booster seat.
  • Children who weigh between 40 to 100 pounds, whose height is less than 4 feet, 9 inches, should ride in a booster seat, unless the parent/guardian has given prior written notice to the company that they do not want their child to ride in a booster seat.

Parents/guardians should be prepared to receive your child upon the van’s arrival after school, unless prior written permission has been given to the driver to leave the child alone at home. Keep in mind if other students are absent the arrival time will be earlier. Please notify our office staff immediately if there is a delay with someone being available for your child. If no one is available our office staff will make every attempt to contact the family before your child is returned to the district for you to transport home.
Students are to wear their seat belt and remain seated during their commute, never putting body parts or objects out windows.
Students should remain reasonably quiet so not to distract the driver, our team encourages students to talk in a normal conversational manner, no profanity, obscene or suggestive language is permitted.
Students must obey the driver’s instructions promptly.
Students are not permitted to make calls on their cell phones during transport. Cell phones are able to be use to send text messages, play games, etc. No one is permitted to record/video other students while on the van with cell phones or any electronic devices.
Electronic devices such as I-Pods, DS systems, etc. are permitted to be used with earplugs or no sound; these items must be taken with the child upon exit at school and at home. School Express, Inc. is not responsible for any personal items left on the van.

For sanitary and safety reasons food and drinks (including chewing gum) will not be consumed on the van; all meals, snacks and drinks must be completed before they board.
Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and other drug related intoxicants in any form are prohibited.
No additional guest riders, no animals, including pets, reptiles, insects, etc. are permitted on the van.
Students are to be respectful and courteous to the driver and other riders. No bullying, which includes humiliation and embarrassment to others and deliberate intent to harm another person is permitted.
No person is permitted to possessing a weapon or sharp object on the van. Weapons and sharp objects include but not limited to; knives, cutting objects or tools, nunchucks, firearm, replica of a weapon and/or other tools, instruments or items capable of being used to threaten or inflict serious bodily injury.
Parents/guardians are to notify their driver in person or call School Express, Inc. (717) 479-5062 in advance if their child will not be riding the van to or from school. As a courtesy to our families we will notify the school of your child’s absence.
The van driver is not permitted to deliver verbal messages for parents/guardians; families are asked to send a note with their child with messages for the teacher. Due to the driver’s scheduled route, drivers are instructed not to stop and hold lengthy conversations.
With the need to accommodate parents/guardians work schedules, there will be one designated pick up location and one designated drop off location within the home school district boundaries; alternative addresses for pick up and drop off address other than the home address must be approved by your child’s school district.
Medication should be given before or after school hours however, if your child has medications (including over the counter medication and/or cough drops) to be taken to school, parents/guardians should hand it to the driver who will see that the school staff receives them.
Our S.E.I. Team makes every effort to limit each student’s transportation to no more than one (1) hour in a one-way trip.
If your child does not follow the Student Conduct and Transportation Rules, the driver has the authority to administer consequences based on the severity of the disruption. Teachers and school officials responsible for your child will be consulted with all violations. The violation will be as followed:

Level Examples Consequences

1.  Minor violations: first time offenses, no safety problem
Verbal warning, review with parents

2.  Moderate severity: repeat violation, conduct distracts driver
Seat assignment, contact parents and teachers, incident report completed and sent to school officials

3.  Serious or multiple violations: Disruptive, safety problem which compromises safety or welfare of passengers
Parent, teacher, school officials’ notified, incident report completed and sent to school officials. Corrective measures reviewed by contractor and school officials to determine discipline

4.  Very serious: Assault, drugs, alcohol, weapons, vandalism
Parent, teacher, school officials’ and law enforcement notified, incident report completed and sent to school officials. School officials and law enforcement to determined consequences.

If you need to change any of your child’s information regarding contact numbers, home address, emergency contact details, pick up/drop off location, etc.; please contact School Express, Inc. immediately at (717) 479-5062 or email us at You may also visit our website to complete the contact information form.

Please contact the office to complete your student's Emergency Contact Form before services begin.

Please feel free to contact our office staff with any questions (717) 479-5062. Our office hours are as follow: During the school year our office hours are Monday through Friday 6:00AM until 4:30PM, during the summer months our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM until 4:30PM.


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